Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Second Day

What did you do today?
We built a water tower out of balsa wood and wooden sticks with Fill-A-Gap.

Although our tower got crushed in the end, we still managed to be the 2nd and just a mere 1KG away from the winning team holding a weight of 52KG, breaking even last year's record! GOOD JOB 5-4! :D

For our design, at first, we wanted to do a criss-cross method and interlock the sticks with each other and then reinforce it that way, but then I realised that it was really difficult to make everything level, which was why we switched to the horizontal method, and to make it even stronger, we glued 2 pieces together to make it stronger.

After that, we put many reinforcements to spread the load even more, so as to make the water tower stronger than before.

What did you learn today?

I learnt that even flimsy things like thin wooden sticks when added together and at the right places, can hold up even a person.

The weight being divided also shows teamwork, which is a very important thing. If such flimsy things like thin wooden sticks can hold up a person, I'm sure we, people, when working together can produce many great things.

How do you feel about today's activities?

This project taught me a lot more about teamwork and how it is even applied to the things around us.

Discipline is important in this way because this taught me to be more organized as this project would not have been a success had we not organized ourselves properly and stayed on task, not distracted by anything else.

This discipline can be applied elsewhere as everywhere we go, we will get judged for whatever we say and do. To make a good impression, we need to exercise discipline and thus, make a good impression that will bring us a long way.

My insights of the day are being more organized, staying on task, and teamwork

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